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Ranked No. 4 in the US and No. 7 in the world*, the Texas A&M DVM Professional Program advances the future of veterinary medicine while caring for all animals, large and small, plus the people in their lives and the environments they live in. Our veterinary students benefit from one of the lowest debt-to-income ratios in the country upon graduation, as well as learning at the only veterinary medical teaching hospital in Texas.


*2024 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject

Home of the Aggie Veterinarian

For more than 100 years, Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences (VMBS) has been improving animal, human, and environmental health through teaching, research, veterinary care, service, and outreach.

We are ranked #1 in the Southeastern Conference (SEC), #4 in the United States, and #7 worldwide in veterinary science, according to the 2024 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings by Subject.

We are one of the largest colleges of veterinary medicine in the U.S., currently training over 700 DVM students each year, with an annual entering class of 180 students. As of May 2023, the VMBS has graduated 8,917 veterinarians.

With world-class clinicians and educators, a modern veterinary curriculum, new and improved facilities, and the support of the Aggie Network, our veterinary students graduate ready to improve the future for animals and the people who love them. When it comes to veterinary excellence, you can’t beat an Aggie veterinarian!

Painting of Front of VBEC with students, doctor and Reveille
Traditions & Celebrations

Traditions & Celebrations

Student Organizations

Student Organizations

Resources & Wellness

Resources & Wellness

Veterinary Curriculum

Veterinary Curriculum

Explore the School

You may have heard that the Aggie family is special — and the smaller VMBS family is, too! Connect with us to see what sets our school apart from any other school or college of veterinary medicine in North America.

Make Plans to Visit Us

We know that nothing beats touring a place in person! Learn more about your options to visit the VMBS while in Aggieland.

Can’t visit us in person? Check out our Virtual Tours!

Discover the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (VMTH), our teaching labs, the Veterinary & Biomedical Education Complex (VBEC), or our Research & Graduate Studies (R&GS) programs.

Interested in Veterinary Medicine —
but not ready to apply?

The selection process for admissions to the Texas A&M DVM Professional Program is rigorous — and preparing early is important. We have information for grade-schoolers, high school juniors, and college undergraduate juniors to help you get and stay on track!

a child watches a veterinary student perform teddy bear surgery at the annual vet school open house

What Our Veterinary Classes Look Like

30 Male
132 Female

TX Residents

Average Age


Overall GPA
Last 45 GPA
Science GPA


30 Male
143 Female

TX Residents

Average Age


Overall GPA
Last 45 GPA
Science GPA

33 Male
147 Female

TX Residents

Average Age


Overall GPA
Last 45 GPA
Science GPA

*URM = Underrepresented minority
**Class of 2026 data will be added when it becomes available.

Apply to the DVM Program

Getting Into Veterinary School — What It Takes

A = I  (M²)

Achievement = Intelligence x Motivation²

  • Complete prerequisite courses.
  • Meet minimum GPA requirements.
  • Complete of a minimum of 100 hours working with a veterinarian. 
  • Document accrued animal experience hours (number of hours, which species, and a brief description of the activity)
  • Develop a resume. 
  • Explore opportunities in veterinary medicine

Visit DVM Admissions for more information, and check out our Frequently Asked Questions About Admissions.

Entrance Requirements

Minimal acceptable GPA:

  • 2.90 on a 4.0 scale,
  • 3.10 for the last 45 semester credits,
  • AND 2.90 in science courses

Acuity Insights Assessments: Casper Test
60-90 minute online situational judgment test (SJT)

Prerequisite coursework

Visit DVM Eligibility Requirements for more information. 

The Application Process

If you’re ready to apply for admission to the Texas A&M VMBS DVM Professional Program, please review the eligibility requirements, familiarize yourself with the selection process, and check that you’ve completed the necessary prerequisites. (Also, be sure to review any prerequisite updates.)

All applicants must apply online through the Texas Medical & Dental Schools Application Service (TMDSAS).

    1. Submit TMDSAS application, fee, and applicant evaluation forms by the deadline via
    2. Submit supplemental application and fee by the deadline via
    3. Complete the Casper Assessment from Acuity Instights by the deadline via
    4. Submit official Fall transcripts when requested by TMDSAS.

Learn more about application deadlines and other important dates related to applying to the Texas A&M DVM Professional Program.

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

  • Each scenario response is typically about six minutes.

  • Applicants respond to a series of six scenarios.

  • Responses are recorded and reviewed asynchronously.

  • There are two independent reviewers per scenario.

  • Reviewers will look for communication skills, leadership skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, empathy, and ethics.

Application Timeline

Empty Date

May 1

Online application becomes available
Empty Date

Aug. 30

Application submission deadline
Empty Date


Statuses emailed; multiple mini interviews (MMIs) invitations sent
Empty Date

Dec. 17

MMIs held on Kira Talent platform
Empty Date

Jan. 2

Fall grades
submission deadline
Empty Date


Admission offers sent
Empty Date


DVM Visitation Days (at VBEC or VERO)
Empty Date

April 15

Acceptances due
Empty Date

May 30

Spring grades submission deadline

Visit DVM Application Deadlines for more information.

An Investment in Your Future

In fiscal year 2023:

  • Our DVM program had the eighth lowest tuition and fees of any veterinary college in the US.
  • Texas A&M veterinary graduates had the third lowest debt load in the country.
  • 80% of our veterinary students received scholarships to offset the cost of attendance (COA).
  • Members of the DVM Class of 2023 averaged three job offers per graduate, with 100% of employment-seeking degree candidates employed by graduation.

Learn more about DVM Professional Program Financial Aid & Scholarships.

Money Matters DVM Class of 2023 Statistics Infographic

What Our Students Say

“The prestige and reputation of being an Aggie Veterinarian was evident when talking to professors and veterinarians. While visiting the university myself, the ambassadors were very welcoming and helpful. By the time my visit had ended, I knew this was where I wanted to be.”

Adrian Arellano

DVM Class of 2023

“One of my favorite parts of fourth year is getting to speak with clients and letting them know I’m taking care of their pets to the best of my ability and treating them with love, like how I would want my own pets treated.”

Amanda Tabone

DVM Class of 2020

“It’s one thing to be a veterinarian, but it’s even more special to be an Aggie veterinarian and to share the experience with my family.”

Jacob Warner

DVM Class of 2023

“You should absolutely be proud of and emphasize anything that you have that gives you a unique story and is a different path than other people followed to get here. That’s what makes you able to bring your own unique skills and your own unique background to veterinary medicine, which is awesome.”

Emily Hoskins

DVM Class of 2021

“Even from my limited experience in research, I’ve witnessed some incredible breakthroughs in cancer research, which is really exciting. However, there are still so many more questions we can answer…as a lab animal veterinarian, my hope is that I can serve as a conduit for the field of cancer research.”

Duc Nguyen

DVM Class of 2020

As a poultry veterinarian, if a [production] plant says, ‘We’re noticing this problem; what’s going on?’ I might end up tracing that all the way back to the feed mill…I like that poultry vets get to have their toe in every single area of production and get to investigate what’s happening.”

Jason Sousa

DVM Class of 2023

“I always wanted to help animals since I was 12 years old. I figured that if I was going to do anything for the rest of my life and call it work, it would need to involve animals because I wouldn’t enjoy anything else.”

Orville Tucker

DVM Class of 2022

“People here have amazing and diverse talents.…I think it’s so inspiring to be able to share space with people like that and to hopefully contribute some interesting things of my own to our diverse field.”

Amy Gulick

DVM Class of 2021

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Contact Information

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Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
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